Department of accounting, analysis and audit in commerce

Chair of the Department :

Dr., Associate Prof. Tataiana G. Uskevich

The Chair of the Department is Dr., Associate Prof. Tataiana G. Uskevich.

The Department of accounting, analysis and auditing in commerce is a graduating one. It was formed in 1974. The department trains specialists in accounting, analysis and auditing in the following specializations: A ccounting, analysis and auditing in commerce, and Accounting, analysis and auditing in foreign economic activities (the first graduation – in 1997).

The department's Chairs were:

The faculty of 28 members provides teaching-methodological and scholarly research activities at the department. Among them are: 1 Dr. hab., Professor and 17 holders of a PhD degree in economics, associate professors. They teach courses in 18 special disciplines at the School of Accounting and Economics, School of Commerce Economics and Management, Higher School of Management and Business, Higher School of Tourism.

At present, the department trains one post-doctoral student, 9 doctoral students, 3 PhD degree seekers and 5 master's students.

The department's main directions of scholarly research are the issues of developing and updating:


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