The sanatorium-dispensary has the following surgery and body care parlours: therapeutic, dentistry, healing massage, healing physical training, warmth-healing, procedural, physiotherapeutic, water-healing.

It is a healing dispensary establishment of sanatorium type, its profile is general-therapeutic treatment. The main objective is to conduct the healing and sanitary work among students and the staff of the University while patients are continuing their studies and daily work.

The prospective clients get their enrollment on medical grounds at the University's Medical Centre. All the necessary medical tests are completed in the students' hospital. The results of these tests are put down into student's personal medical file along with the recommendations on the further health-improving treatment.

Standard period of treatment at the sanatorium-dispensary is 24 days. The sanatorium-dispensary address is 26a, Partizansky avenue.

The sanatorium-dispensary of BSEU was opened in accordance with the regulation of the Secretariat of the Regional Labour Unions Council of Minsk on April 18, 1977. In the beginning 75 people could improve their health there. Starting 1987 an out-patients department for 25 people was added, it is intended for rendering health improving treatment and feeding services without patients' residency in the sanatorium required.

Students in need of any kind of sanatorium and physiotherapeutic healing, especially those who are often and lastingly sick, who are observed at clinics and health centres are directed to the sanatorium-dispensary in first place.

Starting 1997, the sanatorium-dispensary admits as its clients only non- Minsk resident students.

The sanatorium-dispensary is subordinate to the University administration and the town's Sanitary Commission. The premises of the sanatorium-dispensary are designed and equipped in accordance with the sanitation norms relevant to healing-dispensary establishments and are provided with all necessary medical equipment and public utilities.

Financing of the sanatorium-dispensary, the medical apparatus purchasing, soft appliances, water supply, telephone expenses, medicine delivery, guarding, and other supporting expenses are financed by the University.

Money from the special social insurance fund covers the expenses on the nourishment, cultural and welfare facilities for the patients and for the personnel salaries.