Department of Economics at Industrial Enterprise

The chair of the department

dr. hab. oec., professor Lyudmila N. Nekhorosheva.

dr. hab. oec., professor Lyudmila N. Nekhorosheva

The chair of the department is dr. hab. oec., professor Lyudmila N. Nekhorosheva.

The department of economics at industrial enterprise which was established in 1944 has a long history. Its faculty comprises highly qualified specialists, among them 59% professors and associate professors, the rest are assistant lecturers. Oriented by the motto “Scientia Vinces” (“Win with science”) they have been successful developers of the scientific-pedagogical school founded by the BSSR honored economists, professors V.S. Mavrischev and V.I. Vybornov. The adherents of the school work in different countries both in the CIS and far abroad: in the Ukraine, Chad, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Jordan and China.

The department trains specialists majoring in 1-25 01 07 “Economics and Management at Enterprise” with the specialization 1-25 01 07 11 “Economics and Management at Industrial Enterprise”. Its graduates are given the qualification of an economist-manager.

The department provides teaching of a number of courses such as Economics at Industrial Enterprise, Management and Economics of Joint Venture, Fundamentals of Privatization, Enterprise Planning, Economics of Innovation, Business Risk Management, Investment Planning, Economics of Small Businesses, Fundamentals of Leasing Activities etc.

Those students who are interested in science and research can develop their interests in the projects carried out by the “Effective Economics of the Enterprise” Students’ scientific and research laboratory. Annually their research papers win prizes at various contests and economic Olympiads arranged in Belarus and abroad.

Best graduates join master or post-graduate courses. The department provides a number of master programs, both science- and practice-oriented ones. The master program “Economics of the organization’s innovative development: new concepts, strategies, projects” is gaining popularity.

The department’ main directions of research:

  • methodological approaches to assessment of enterprise operation efficiency;
  • justification of directions for enterprise development due to quality factors: innovation and investments, resource saving, enterprise restructuring;
  • investments designing;
  • promotion of entrepreneurship, supporting of small businesses, efficiency of business incubators;
  • developing of innovative strategy, substantiating of mechanisms of economic safety for scientific and technical sphere, shaping of innovative infrastructure, establishing of venture firms, scientific-technical parks, technological transfer centers, etc.

Among the department’s alumni there are 3 associate members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, 8 doctors habile, 60 Ph.D.s. Its alumni are professors and lecturers in institutions of higher education, top managers of industrial enterprises and private companies, highly ranked officials in bodies of state governance, diplomats and representatives of international institutions etc.

The department maintains regular contacts with universities and research centers all over the world: in Russia, Poland, France, Spain, the USA, Germany etc.

The department contact information:

Address: Partizansky Prospect, 22-a, block 4, room 502, Minsk, 220070, Republic of Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 209-88-41