MBA opportunities for ambitious postgraduates

Innovative MBA Executive program for leading specialists and senior managers of functional areas such as operations, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and informational systems


Enjoys the reputation as one of the premier business schools, and has been recognized as a leader in business education.

It is one of the largest and most respected providers of executive education, and has been ranked #1 in Belarus

Most participants have 10 or more years of experience. They come from different industries, regions, and sectors, creating a lively exploration of current business issues.

Session leaders include both senior professors from our University and experts from the private and public sectors. They will help you apply theories and skills directly to your business.


Higher School of Management and Business

   Higher School of Management and Business is biggest and most recognized by national business elite Business School in Belarus, as well as the leading faculty of Belarus State Economic University.

    For 70 years of its existence more than 80000 specialists have graduated from BSEU.
They consist of the core of business elite of the country.

   Higher School of Management and Business (HSMB) provides post-graduate education for students and training for MBA.
The business school was the first in Belarus to start training for MBA in 1993.

   HSMB is the largest business school occupying 85% in the post-graduate market and 89% in the training for a master of degree in Belarus.

   Higher School of Management and Business provides the training for a master degree in the following areas:
      - International Business.
      - Management.
      - Accounting
      - Finance
      - Banking.
      - Marketing.

   Learning techniques of case studies and simulations are widely used in the training process.
The bases of curriculum includes the following courses:

   Compulsory courses:
      - Economics;
      - Computer sciences;
      - Human resource development;
      - Business Law;
      - International Business;
      - Accounting;
      - Financial Management;
      - Strategic Management;

   Additional courses:
      - Marketing research;
      - Investment Management;
      - International Finance;
      - Risk Management.

   HSMB receives a wide experience of cooperation in international educational and research programs such as TRANSFORM and TACIS.

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