Club President

Honorable ladies and gentlemen,

I have the pleasure of telling you about the English-speaking Debate Club of the Faculty of International Economic Relations at BSEU.

Our first session took place on 10th October, 2008.

Since then we have come from members-only club sessions to visits from other universities’ debate clubs and actual interuniversity debate tournaments.

Debates can be described as the process of members of the government and the opposition teams making speeches in turn. It is also possible to put questions to the speaker on the floor if he or she accepts them.

Debates will help you make your speech and thoughts more logical, as well as get used to speaking in front of an audience. Moreover, since ours is an English-speaking club, you will have the chance of practicing your oral speaking skills which are essential if you want to master a language, the English language in this case.


You are free to come by any time if you are interested. We meet weekly.

Information regarding the time and venue of each meeting can be found on advertisements near the canteen in the 2nd university building and on the 4th floor of the 1st university building.

Your level of English is not an issue, just be sure that you want to speak it.

The atmosphere in our club is friendly and we are united by the common goal of perfecting our skills in the knowledge of the English language, logical thinking and oral speaking.

Feel free to contact me by cell phone or email.

Best regards,

Dmitri Latushkin

Club President

+375 29 5770423 (mts)

+375 44 7145798 (velcom)