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Title: Financial Strategy of the Insurance Organizations in Belarus
Authors: Верезубова, Т. А.
Verezubova, T. A.
Keywords: insurance;finance;strategy;state regulation;страхование;финансовые стратегии
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Ekonomikas un kultūras augstskola
Language: Русский
Type: Article
Citation: Verezubova, T. Financial Strategy of the Insurance Organizations in Belarus / T. Verezubova // Economics and culture. - 2011. - Vol. 4. - P. 217-222. -
Abstract: The research main task consists in defining the major factors influencing a choice of financial strategy of the insurance company, taking into account interests of proprietors and managers of the insurer for development of such financial tools which would allow strengthening a financial condition of the insurer. The choice of the administrative decision in many respects depends on the policy spent by the state on granting of preferences to insurance or its rigid regulation. Belarus has proclaimed now liberalization of state regulation of insurance. And in these conditions first of all on heads of the insurance organization responsibility for a correct choice of financial strategy of the further development lies.
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