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Title: Ретроспективная оценка роли местных природных ресурсов в обеспечении роста отраслей белорусской экономики
Other Titles: Retrospective estimation of the role of local natural resources in maintenance of growth of industries of Belarus economy
Authors: Быков, А. А.
Вертай, С. П.
Янковский, И. А.
Keywords: национальная экономика;природные ресурсы;природно-ресурсный потенциал;корреляционно-регрессионный анализ;устойчивое развитие;sustainable development;natural resources
Issue Date: 2009
Language: Русский
Type: Article
Citation: Быков, А. А. Ретроспективная оценка роли местных природных ресурсов в обеспечении роста отраслей белорусской экономики / А. А. Быков, С. П. Вертай, И. А. Янковский // Экономика и банки: научно-практический журнал. - Пинск: ПолесГУ, 2009. - № 1. - С.28-37.
Abstract: The definition of prospects of use of local natural resources and estimation of efficiency of their usage has been made by employing the correlated regression analysis. The research has shown, that target crite-rion (an index of manufacture growth) have been affected not only by the major factors (work, tangible resources, capital), but also so-called outer effects. Outer effects are a favourable situation in the market connected with the growth of solvent demand for products, a favourable situation with prices in the inter-national markets, including the market of raw materials, the growth of innovation in certain industries of the domestic economy. Taking into consideration the results of the research and the revealed factors, to solve the problem of effective usage of natural resources and creation of the maximum of added value in the industries with a high share of local natural resources, the following requirements concerning the strategy of enterprises should be made: technological innovation of the enterprises, locked value chains and adaptability of management.
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