International activities

International cooperation is an integral part of life of Belarus State Economic University and is focused on development of relations with foreign universities, funds  and partners which promote modernization of education, development of university science, mastering world experience in the sphere of high education, attracting  foreign investment and broadening Belarusian educational services.  
The major directions of international activity include:

University coordinator of international activity is Vice-Rector for academic Affairs Aliaksandr Tarasionak.
Within the existing bilateral agreements, the university carries out academic exchanges of professors and students, conducts joint scientific research, publishes textbooks and educational literature  and participates in international scientific and practical conferences, seminars, educational exhibitions. In its turn BSEU sends its students and staff for studies and training to China, France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain, the USA. In order to improve the quality of education for international students the Dean’s Office for International Students was created.

The University has bilateral agreements on academic cooperation in the field of education with more than 124 foreign universities and scientific organization from 27 countries. There are over 600 international citizens from different countries. This direction of BSEU activity is constantly being strengthened and expanded. Today BSEU is a member of a number of international associations:



Together with foreign partners from Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and other European countries BSEU carries out international projects. We participate in 7 Erasmus+ projects. Together with the University of Applied Sciences (Berlin, Germany) within the network of the UNCTAD Virtual Institute BSEU runs an English-taught Master degree program “International Economics and Trade Policy”. In 2014 the Faculty of Marketing signed an agreement with the Hochschule Mittweida (University of Applied Science, Germany) upon awarding double degree diplomas, according to which faculty students have the opportunity of receiving another Bachelor degree diploma on “Economics of Enterprises” after a year of studies in Germany. In January 2015 BSEU signed an agreement with the Polytechnic Institute of Braganza (Portugal) upon awarding a double diploma in the specialities “Linguistic provision of intercultural communications (foreign economic relations)” and “International Business Management”. In June 2018 BSEU signed an agreement for joint academic program with Hexi University (China).

In order to enhance the quality of its future specialists and improve the level of foreign language studies BSEU invites foreign lecturers from Germany, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Ukraine and other countries.
BSEU is known for its wide international cooperation and participation in inter- university academic projects in the global educational arena.


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