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The graduates can continue their education in a post-graduate school called aspirantura (full-time or part-time), where they pursue a Ph.D. degree. Nowadays post-graduate training is organized in 6 economic specialisations and supported by 24 University departments; and 3 jurisprudence specializations are supported by the Jurisprudence Department.

Those are:

    • 08.00.01 "Economic Theory/ Economics";
    • 08.00.05 "Economics and National Economy Management in Sectors of National Eonomy";
    • 08.00.10 "Finance, Money Circulation and Credit";
    • 08.00.12 "Accounting and Statistics";
    • 08.00.13 "Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics";
    • 08.00.14 "World Economy";
    • 12.00.03 "Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; International Law; Private Law";
    • 12.00.05 "Labor Law; Social Security Law";
    • 12.00.12 "Finance Law; Budget Law; Tax Law; Banking Law; Legislative Currency Regulation; Legislative Regulation of Valid Papers Issue and Circulation; Legislative Base for Audit".

The volume and terms of post-graduate study have grown during the recent years. By January 1, 2002, there were 488 post-graduate students at the University, among them 154 are full-time students and 114 are correspondence/ external students. About 220 students compete for a first higher degree in science (Ph. D.).

The post-graduate training as one of educational services appeared at BSEU in 1933. There were 8 post-graduate students in the 1933-34 studying year. Training was held in two specialities: 08.00.05 "National Economy and Management" and 08.00.11 "Statistics".

The University faced a difficult task of post- graduate training renewal after the Great Patriotic War. In fulfilment of the resolution of the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR on February19, 1953, more than 30 holders of first higher degree awarded on dissertation were trained in the frame of post-graduate study system.

Starting 1961, admission for post-graduate study became a planned activity and the number of highly qualified professionals for all sectors of the national economy is constantly increasing.

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