Faculty of Commerce and Tourism


Alexandr I. Jerchak
Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor

Faculty of commerce and tourism is one the oldest at Belarus State Economic university. The faculty of Trade was founded back in 1930. Currently there are more than 2 thousand students at the faculty including citizens of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries. There are 5 specialties and 10 specializations at the faculty.
Specialty: Commerce

All graduates studied the specialty “Commerce“ are granted with the qualification of economist. Specialty: Commerce   has got 3 specializations:

Basic disciplines studied are:

Economists-managers are trained within the framework of this specialty. Graduates can work in committees and property funds, real estate companies, real estate companies, transportation organizations in the following positions: real estate agent, the Investment Specialist, Customer Service, Financial Economist, Sales Specialist.
Basic disciplines studied are:

Graduates are granted with the qualification of an expert on merchandise. They work as commodity-examiners, commodity experts, heads of retail and wholesale trade organizations and their divisions, heads and specialists of departments of supply, marketing and distribution companies specializing in the production of consumer goods.
There are 2 specializations:

Students of this specialty in addition to physics and chemistry in-depth study merchandising expertise of individual product groups and a block of general economic disciplines and economic disciplines trading profile.
Master Program Courses  offered to graduates of different specialities:

There are three student research laboratories at the faculty where students can implement the acquired knowledge and skills in scientific and practical sphere.  Annually an international scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists "Modern mechanisms of functioning of the trading business and the tourist industry: reality and prospects“ is held. Active cooperation is established with the Kiev National Trade and Economic University, the Russian Economic University named after Plekhanov, agreements on cooperation with higher educational institutions of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Poland have been concluded.

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    tel.: +375 (17) 209-79-23      


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