Higher School of Management and Business


Ph.D., Associate Prof. Sergei Y. Kritchevski

The Higher School of Management and Business (HSMB) was founded at Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) in compliance with the Rector's order No. 269- ? of June 16, 1993 and the order from the Ministry of Education No. 79 of March 22, 1994 to replace the Center for Entrepreneurship and Management, established in compliance with the order from the Ministry of Education of the BSSR of March 14, 1991.

By the School's Statute approved by the Rector's order No. 297-A of April 20, 2003 , The Higher School of Management and Business of BSEU is a structural administrative-organizational unit of the University which provides correspondence (distant) training of specialists in the following areas and levels of higher education:

The HSMB's main objectives are:

The HSMB plans its activity in accordance with the Charter of BSEU. Students are enrolled on the basis of in-person interviews in compliance with contracts with ministries, agencies and organizations, and private citizens who are directly subject to full coverage of educational expenses. The relationships with organizations and citizens which the HSMB builds up in all areas of its activities are based upon contracts signed on behalf of the University.

Planning, financing and staffing, material support at the HSMB is done centrally by the University services. Academic and methodological activities and research projects are set up via the Academic and Methodological Administration and the University Scientific Research Center.

Organizational and Administrative Structure of the HSMB:

Dean : Ph.D., Associate Prof. Sergei Y. Kritchevski.

Deputy Dean in charge of academic work : Ph.D., Associate Prof. Vasily N. Bakunchik.

Deputy Dean in charge of scientific work : Ph.D., Associate Prof. Alexandr L. Bavdey.

BSEU departments providing academic process at the HSMB:

The HSMB faculty comprises over 50 members with 11 professors with Dr. hab. degree, 25 associate professors with Ph.D. degree, and more than 10 assistant lecturers. The number of part-time lecturers from the University departments at the HSMB accounts for over 60 people, 11 being professors with Dr. hab. degree, 37 associate professors with Ph.D. degree, etc.

The alumni list from 1993 to 2007 totals more than 7,500 graduates majored in: economics and management of enterprise (specialists with higher and secondary specialized education); management in foreign economic activities (specialists with higher education); accounting, analysis and auditing (specialists with higher and secondary specialized education); finance and credit (specialists with higher education); marketing (specialists with higher education); law studies (specialists with higher education); Master's in Economics (foreign economic activities, finance and credit, economics and management of enterprise).

From 1993 to 2000 retraining and qualification upgrading courses have educated some 6,000 accountants for small enterprises, 1,266 auditors. There has raised their qualification banking specialists, through the TACIS program (712 people including 28 teaching staff); specialists from enterprises, the HSMB faculty and students, though the Correspondence Department Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany (187 people, of whom 34 had their field training in Germany); specialists from organizations and the HSMB students in compliance with the project of the German Academy of Management in Zelle (119 people including those who had their field training in Germany – 89 people); specialists from organizations and the HSMB students in compliance though the project of the Volkswagen educational institute in Zwickau (52 people, of whom 24 people had a study course in Germany); specialists from insurance companies, the BSEU faculty and students, though TACIS Program (170 people, of whom 12 lecturers had their field training).

Nineteen seminars and conferences with participation of foreign specialists (teaching staff) in financial management and marketing were conducted between 1997 and 2000, with about 300 HSMB students, lecturers and experts from banks and enterprises participating in them.

The HSMB alumni are thoroughly educated managers, bankers, financiers, accountants and businessmen. Their power can raise the economy of Belarus to a newer level.

The HSMB partners are the University of Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany); the German Academy of Management in Lower Saxony (Zelle, Germany); the Academy of Banking in Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland); the Academy of Banking (Dusseldorf, Germany); Educational Consulting Association for Eastern Europe (Dresden, Germany); KPMG Deutsche Treuhand Geselschaft (Dusseldorf, Germany); the Educational Institute in Zwickau (Zwickau, Germany); the Russian State Academy of Management (Moscow, Russia) and several educational establishment in the CIS countries.


Address:     26 Partizansky prosp.

Tel.:+375 17 209-88-40 – Sergei Y . Kritchevski , dean
+375 17 209-78-42 - Vasily N . Bakunchik , deputy dean
+375 17 209-78-42 – Alexandr L. Bavdei , deputy dean
Tel./Fax: +375 17 209-78-41

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