The Department of Banking

Chair of the Department:

PhD, Associate Prof. V.V. Poznjakov

Established in 1965, the Department of Banking is one of the basic departments at the school. It is a graduating department for specialties Finance and Crediting (specialization Banking), Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (specialization Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in Banks).

The acting Chair of the Department is PhD, Associate Prof. V.V. Poznjakov.

The department faculty comprises 21 members, among them 9 – with scientific degrees and academic ranks (including 1 professor, d octor of science).

At present, the department faculty provide practical teaching and lecturing to full- and part-time students at all university's schools in the following disciplines:

The department takes an active part in training students of the Higher School of Management and Business and doctoral students.

Apart from teaching the department faculty pay much attention to research in the themes financed from the state budget: “Current Problems of Banking System Development in the Republic of Belarus”, “Conceptual Framework of Monetary and Credit Control as a Means of Economic Stabilization at Macro Level”, “Improving the Crediting m echanism in the c ontext of Economic Integration between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation”, “Monetary and Credit Control at Micro and Macro Levels as a Key Factor of Innovative Socially- o riented Market Economy Development in the Republic of Belarus”, “Personal Bank Supervision System Development in the Republic of Belarus”.

The department faculties participate in exploring scientific topics ordered by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and Minsk City Executive Committee. The main proposals and recommendations of the authors are put into practice in many banks of the country and integrated into the training process. Besides, the faculty members write scientific papers, theses, articles, take part in scientific conferences held by the department or the university, in Belarus and abroad.

The department pays much attention to training future scholars of higher qualification. At present, the department trains 13 doctoral students and degree seekers majoring in specialty 08.00.10, Finance, Monetary Circulation, Crediting.

Students of the School of Finance and Banking take an active part in research. They prepare reports on topical issues of monetary and credit policy development in the Republic of Belarus , research papers and appearances in the disciplines they are study, participate in scientific and practical conferences, “round tables”, and meetings; carry out research financed from both budget and commercial sources.

Another form of students' scientific activities is their diploma theses. The topics of diploma theses are chosen in compliance with guidelines of banks and practical training bases for under-graduate students. Moreover, suggestions and recommendations made in diploma theses are summarized to use in the department's scholarly and research work.

The department maintains practical and scientific contacts with banking institutions of the Republic of Belarus. The department faculty receive practical training in banks; improve their qualification at the educational centre of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The department has established contacts with Kiev National Economic University.

The department faculty comprises 25 professors and lecturers including 12 with scientific degrees and academic ranks (among them 2 professors, d octors of science).

The department's main publications are:

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