The Department of Currency Circulation, Credit and Stock Market

Chair of the Department:

PhD, Associate Prof. Oxana I. Rumiantseva

The Department of Currency Circulation and Credit was established in 2002 through dividing the Department of Banking. On 01.01.2004 it was reorganized into the Department of Currency Circulation, Credit and Stock Market in pursuance of Resolution No. 5 of the University Council dated 28.10.2003. The Chair of the Department (since June 2005) is PhD, Associate Prof. Oxana I. Rumiantseva.

The department trains students majoring in Finance and Credit (1-25 01 04) (specialization 1-25 01 04 02, Banking), Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (1-25 01 08) (specialization Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in Banks). A new specialization, 1-25 01 04 08, Stock Market was established within specialty Finance and Credit.

The department faculty comprises 24 teachers, among them 19 with scientific degrees and academic ranks (including 2 professors, doctors of science).

The department provides training in the following disciplines:

The department's main publications are:

Address: 26 Partizanski prosp., Bldg 1, room 1002
Tel./fax : +375 17 209-78-59 – the Chair


Address: 26 Partizansky Av., building 1,
office 1002

Tel.:+375 17 209 78 59-the Chair
Fax:+375 17 209 78 59

Email: feedback form


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