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The Chair of the department is Dr. hab., a ssociate p rof. Vladimir N. Usoski whose scientific and pedagogical record is over 10 years. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers, including 3 monographs.

The department was set up in September 1997. Its creation resulted from the demand for training practitioners already employed in financial and credit institutions with no higher education in finance and banking. Hence the department got its specific character from the start – educating specialists from financial and bank institutions and raising their qualification level.

The faculty of the Finance and Banking department comprise 5 professors, Dr. hab. in Economics, 24 experienced associate professors and 4 assistant lecturers. The total number of professors and training staff at the department amounts to 31 people, with 13 faculty members belonging to the department staff, and 3 part-time lecturers.

Academic and scientific work of the department aims to raise the level of academic and scientific and methodological work to bring it in line with the demands to reform the economy and finances, and the credit system. In this relation a series of major and special courses have been developed together with publishing academic and methodological workbooks and setting up a post-graduate department for Master's students.

The list of major disciplines given at the department:

Beside the major courses the department has developed specialized courses:

At present the department works on developing a number of disciplines to take into account further reforms in finance and credit. In the near future the department plans to offer the following specialized courses: financial management, financial tools for local administration, and local budgets.

To give classes the department invites lecturers from the relevant departments of the university, practicing scientists and experts from financial and credit institutions. The graduating specialization is finance and credit. Practice oriented approach of the department has enabled it to actively participate in the Master's program with specialization in finance, money circulation and credit. The first Master's degrees were conferred to graduates with the through Transform Program participation of teachers from the Banking School in Frankfurt-am-Main ( Germany ). The consecutive degrees were conferred to graduates with the help of the staff and part-time teachers and specialists of the department. The department faculty strives to integrate its academic curricula for Master's students with international standards. Today, graduates from the Master's program are managers of well-known banks and financial institutions of the country. In their work they widely use the knowledge they have got at the department.

The department implements new learning IT methods. The learning process is based on case studies. Corrections are constantly introduced into the disciplines subject to practical topical issues and latest changes in the legal system.

The department conducts a larger scientific and research work in accordance with the themes of research which are registered in the Center of.

The main directions of scientific research of the department:

The department faculty keep in touch with businesses, government and municipal administrations of the Republic of Belarus . They established the most active cooperation in scientific research, organization of training courses, seminars and conferences with the National Bank, commercial banks and the scientific center of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus . Thus the department members regularly participate in the seminars of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on Monetary Policy of the Republic of Belarus , Credit Process in the Republic of Belarus , Current Trends of Cooperation with International Financial Organizations which are held at the scientific center of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (Raubichi). In November 2003, the department faculty took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference Actual Aspects of Monetary Policy held in Pinsk by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The members of the department cooperate with experts and senior members of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus , the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus , Priorbank JSC, Ministry of Tax Collection, State Committee on Securities. The latter are invited to participate in the educational process.

The department does research in business contract themes: Guidelines and Recommendations on choosing and modeling an optimal environment for the monetary policy in the Republic of Belarus .

An agreement has been signed with the Dnipropetrovsk State Financial Economic Institute on cooperation in research field. This agreement will enable to widen a permanent base for scientific research at the department and intensify scientific contacts by means of joint participation in seminars and round tables. According to the concluded Agreement between the Belarus State Economic University and the Dnipropetrovsk State Financial Economic Institute the department cooperates in scientific research, methodology and IT fields. The department maintains scientific contacts with the Academy of Economics in Katowice ( Poland ) and the University of Masaryk in Brno (The Chech Republic).

During the international conference Tax Policy in EU Candidate Countries on the Eve of Enlargement on 12-14 September 2003 contacts were established with the Euro-faculty branch of the Latvian State University ( Riga, Latvia ).

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