The Faculty of Retraining “ Consulting Trade Center ”


Dmitry G. Tsygankov, Ph.D. in Law, associate professor

Dean of the School is Dmitry G. Tsygankov, Ph.D. in Law, associate professor

The School of specialists with higher education retraining called “Consulting Trade Center of Belarus State economic University” was established on the grounds of Belarus State Economic University Chancellor’s Order No. 349-17 dated July 29, 1999.

Pursuant to Chancellor’s Order No. 533-A dated July 27, 2006 the special School Consulting Trade Center of Belarus State Economic University was incorporated in the Institute of Retraining and Development of Economic Cadres at Belarus State Economic University as its academic and organizational unit – The School of Retraining “Consulting Trade Center”.

The School is functioning under the laws of the Republic of Belarus, the Regulation on the Department of Retraining of the Institute of Retraining and Development of Economic Cadres, other regulations of Belarus State Economic University based on duly signed contracts with Ministries, other Republican Authorities of State administration, associations, organizations, institutions, employment agencies and individuals.

Students are enrolled to the School by the Order of the Chancellor of Belarus State Economic University, including those with referrals from the republican bodies of state administration, organizations, Institutions of Higher Education of various ownership after the contacts for education services have been signed. The School can also accept, on a paid basis, senior students from Institutions of higher education in accordance with the current law. The School offers full-time (day time and evening) and part-time education.

Those who have met all the requirements of the curriculum are awarded a diploma with a corresponding qualification of retraining at the higher education level, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

The teaching process at the School is provided by the University Departments. The Department of Economics of Entrepreneurship and Law provides its services at the School.

Head of the Chair is Tamara S. Yatskovskaya, Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor.



Address:    Mendeleev St. 36, Room 206, 207, 208

220037 Minsk

Tel.:+375 17  229 12 13/+375 17 229 12 14– dean's office
+375 17 229 12 11– dean
+375 17 229 12 15/ +375 17 229 12 16– department of Economics of Entrepreneurship and Law

Fax:+375 17 229 12 13

Email: feedback form

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