The Department of Economics and Management at Agricultural Enterprises

Chair of the Department:


The Chair of the Department is Dr. hab., Prof. Mikhail K. Zhudro.

The Department of Economics and Management at Agricultural Enterprises in the Belarusian State Economic University is the leading one in training manager economists for agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries, etc.

The department faculty comprises 5 Drs. hab. (Professors Mikhail Zhudro, the Chair; P.V. Leshchilovski; Y.I. Kiveisha; S.B. Shapiro; academician V.G. Gusakov, Vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus), PhDs, Profs. I.V. Mirochitskaia, V.S. Tonkovich; 5 PhDs in Economics – Associate Professors V.S. Chekanov, V.I. Sous, A.V. Mozol, S.A. Matokh, N.A. Bychkov; 2 PhDs in Agricultural Sciences – Associate Professors V.M. Badyina, I.I. Sapego; 1 PhD in Veterinary – Associate Professor S.I. Verenich and 5 assistant lecturers (G.V. Hatkevich, I.P. Kashanskaia, L.B. Korbut, J.K. Tarasevich, A.A. Gets).

The department provides training courses for specialty 1-25 01 07, Economics and Management of Enterprise, specialization 1-25 01 07 15, Economics and Management at Agricultural Enterprise. The faculty members deliver lectures and provide teaching courses in about 40 disciplines.

The University graduates are granted the qualification of manager economists and assigned to positions as chief specialists, managers and top-managers at large-scale public and private enterprises of the 1st (production, logistics and sales of agrotechnical resources and technologies), 2nd (agricultural production and services) and 3rd (processing, conservation, logistics and sales of agricultural products, services and renewable energy sources, technical and technological servicing, institutions of research and information support, and social infrastructure in rural areas) agricultural sectors where they successfully work. The graduates are also assigned to public local and national administrative bodies responsible for economic planning, finance, organizational administration; business structures in the markets of food commodities, agrotechnical resources, agricultural technologies, investments, loans, services, engineering (consulting), tourism, etc., public and private educational and scientific institutions specialized in economics.

The Department maintains contacts with research institutions and agricultural universities in Belarus, the CIS and EU countries, the USA, etc. It provides training for master, doctoral and post-doctoral students and arranges defense of theses for PhD and Dr. hab. degrees in agricultural economics. Every year the Department examines and recommends for defense several dissertation papers for PhD and Dr. hab. degrees. The Department’s leading scholars are invited to expertise theses; they are members of dissertation boards in other research institutions and universities.

Agricultural economics studies conditions, circumstances, tools, methods and mechanisms of establishing and developing the system of relations between people related to substantiating and making economic decisions on alternative use of limited natural and other resources in the competitive environment to produce food commodities, renewable energy sources and agricultural services to satisfy effective demand for these and implement their interests within the current socio-economic and ecological situation in the country and in the world.

While at the university, students focus on acquiring theoretical knowledge of organizational, legal, socio-economic, technical, technological and ecological principles of establishment and efficient performance of an enterprise as a primary unit of the national and world agricultural economy; its adaptation to successful implementing in practice. They learn to make independent decisions on producing agricultural products and providing agricultural services, to manage human resources, to make efficient investment, production, financial and commercial management decisions at an enterprise and assess their economic efficiency.

The scholarly interests of the Department faculty include the development of theoretical, methodological and practical guidelines for developing and implementing socio-oriented national agricultural policy based on the concept of multifunctional role of agricultural production in the national economy with the aim to guarantee food security; to create attractive jobs in agricultural townships and rural settlements; to secure average income level and employment of rural population in the context of sustainable economic growth of the national economy; to achieve positive trade balance for agricultural products and services in foreign trade; to provide harmonious development of agricultural business and rural areas; to preserve and improve national landscapes; to create conditions for comparatively even placement of rural communities over the territory of the country.

The Department faculty carry out research and work out scientific recommendations to optimize distribution of subsidies, donations and grants in the agricultural sector, to create efficient economic environment for operating agricultural enterprises and establishing mutually beneficial relations between all entities of sectoral sub-complexes in food production, i.e. industrial, agricultural, processing and institutional enterprises. The faculty members are engaged in the development of methods to optimize application of investment, production and financial resources in agricultural business; guidelines on development of investment projects and business plans; mechanisms of developing effective motivation systems at agricultural enterprises, substantiating optimum prices for agricultural products, services and resources; tools of marketing research in the markets of food commodities, agricultural services, etc.

The faculty members regularly conduct research projects financed from the budget or through economic contracts. The Department leading scholars participate in implementing large-scale national scientific and technical programs. The Department has carried out a good number of research projects since it was established.

The department faculty have many research and teaching publications, the most important of these being:


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