The Department of Economics at Industrial Enterprise

Chair of the Department :

Dr. hab.,
Prof. Lyudmila N. Nekhorosheva

The Chair of the Department is Dr. hab., Prof. Lyudmila N. Nekhorosheva.

The Department of Economics at Industrial Enterprise has a long history and has been continuing developing the scientific and educational school founded by Honored economists of the BSSR, professors V.S. Mavrischev and V.I. Vybornov.

There are 3 associate members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, 8 Dr. hab. and 60 Ph.D. among the department’s alumni. Its alumni are high rank officials in many leading institutions of higher education in Belarus: the Institute of Economics of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences (Associate Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. hab., Prof. P.G. Nikitenko - Director of the Institute); the Belarusian Nongovernmental Institute of Jurisprudence (Dr. hab., Associate Prof. L.M. Spetsian); the Belarusian State University (Dr. hab., Associate Prof. L.V. Kovalenko); the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus (Dr. hab., Associate Prof. G.K. Onoprienko); Vitebsk State Technological University (Dr. hab., Associate Prof. G.A. Yasheva, presently working on her Dr. hab. thesis); the Belarusian State University of Information and Radio-electronics (Dr. hab., Associate Prof. T.V. Eletskih), etc.

Adherents of the department's scientific and practical school work in different countries both in the CIS and far abroad: in the Ukraine, Chad, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Jordan and China.

The Department of Economics at Industrial Enterprise maintains regular contacts with universities and research centers all over the world: in Russia, Poland, France, Spain, the USA, Germany etc.

The department faculty comprises 25 members, including 6 professors (5 Dr. hab. among them), 12 associate professors (12 Ph.D.s) and 7 assistant lecturers.

The department provides teaching in the following courses: Economics at Industrial Enterprise, Economics at Construction Enterprise, Economics in State-financed and Scientific Institutions, Economics at Sectoral Enterprise, Economics at Industrial and Agricultural Enterprise, Economics of Small Businesses, Fundamentals of Leasing Activities, Management and Economics of Joint Venture, Fundamentals of Privatization, Enterprise Re-structuring, Enterprise Planning, Innovation Economics, Business Risk Management, Investment Planning, Economic Assets Evaluation, Economics and Management in Resource Saving, Enterprise Economics and Industrial Engineering, Introduction to Specialty. Master programs (major in Economics and Management in National Economy) provided are Current Issues of Innovative Development in Economics, Current Trends in Economics and Management Development.

The Department of Economics at Industrial Enterprise is graduating for specialty 1-25 01 07, Economics and Management at Enterprise (specialization in Economics and Management at Industrial Enterprise).

The department’s main directions of scholarly research:

The main teaching publications authored by the department’s faculty:


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