The Department of Technologies in Basic Industries

The Chair of the Department is PhD, Associate Prof. Mikhail V. Samoilov , who is a holder of Master's degree in management of administrative personnel at an enterprise (DESS) from the University of Paris-1 Pantheon Sorbonne and ÌÂÀ diploma of the Institute of Enterprise Management in Paris.

Mikhail V. Samoilov has got over 140 scientific publications, including 44 patents on inventions, 45 educational and methodological publications, 57 scientific articles and presentation at conferences.

The Department of Technologies in Basic Industries was established in 1967, it is a structural unit of the School of marketing.

The department provides training general economists in natural sciences, technologies and commodity studies. It is a department of general training that participates in educating students at all BSEU schools.

The department faculty comprises 26 members including 1 Chair, 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 1 senior instructor, 4 assistant lecturers, 1 chief of laboratory, 3 lab assistants.

The department provides lectures in the following disciplines:

The department's directions in scientific research are working out the theory of technological development of production, designing resource saving process technologies of composite material based on production waste, synthesizing multi-component dispersive systems based on colloids of emulsion and suspension type.

  The department's principal educational and instructional publications:


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