The Department of Industrial Marketing and Communications

Dean: Aleksandr A. Tsygankow

Chair of the Department:

Associate Prof. Vassily S. Protasenia

The Chair of the Department is PhD, Associate Prof. Vassily S. Protasenia.

It is a graduating department for specialty 1-26 02 03, Marketing with the following specializations:

In academic year 2007-2008 the department faculty comprises 15 full-time members (including 1 professor, holding a PhD degree, 5 associate professors with a PhD degree in economics, 1 PhD in psychology, 1 associate professor, 7 assistant lecturers) and 2 lab assistants.

The department faculty provide courses in the following disciplines:

At present the department faculty is conducting the research “Marketing paradigm in providing innovative technology development in the industry of Belarus (theoretical and practical issues)”

The department focuses on the following fields of research:

- industrial marketing;

- management of purchases and sales at the enterprise;

- inventory range management;

- customer psychology and behavior;

- commodity market research;


Address: 26 Partizansky Av., Room 128, Bldg 3

Tel.:+375 17 209-88-67

Fax:+375 17 20- 88-67



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