The Department of Logistics and Price Policy

Dean: Aleksandr A. Tsygankow

Chair of the Department:

Dr. hab., Olga V. Erchak

The Chair of the Department is Dr. hab., Olga V. Erchak.

It is a graduating department for two specialties/specializations:

The department faculty comprises 20 members including 1 Dr. hab., 1 professor, 6 PhDs, associate professors, 8 assistant lecturers, 2 lab assistants.

They all have a long record of teaching in higher educational institutions and practical experience in industry. A number of faculty members have state decorations and titles of merit.

The faculty carry out intensive research, i.e. they conduct economic investigations ordered by state authorities or included into the university's Plan of Scientific Research; they explore issues topical for the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

It is a graduating department which means that the faculty provide both a complex of classes in the respective disciplines and supervise the students' training, industrial and pre-diploma practice as well as diploma thesis. They organize final examinations and other kinds of activities required to train highly qualified specialists for the country's industry.

The department provides training young teaching staff through the system of doctoral and post-doctoral courses. At present the department trains both doctoral and post-doctoral students.

The first graduates (24 people) majoring in Marketing (minor in Pricing) date back to the year of 2001. In the following years 75 students graduated from the department annually. In the current year the department's plan is to graduate 25 specialists.

The department faculty maintain permanent links with its alumni; they are interested in their careers after graduating from the university, see the extent to which the knowledge acquired at the department can be used in their practical work, inquire into the knowledge requested by contemporary experts. The practice proves that the majority of graduates work in their specialty at various enterprises, in organizations and administrative bodies: in economic departments of the Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk Refrigerator Plant, Minsk Computer Plant, Minsk Tractor Works, Belarusian Metallurgical Works, Soligorsky PO “Belaruskaliy”, in the industrial department of the Minsk City Executive Committee, etc.

A considerable number of graduates are managers in commercial units, particularly, they heads representative offices of foreign companies in the Republic of Belarus , work in investment firms and so on. Some graduates are private entrepreneurs who created their own companies in the fields of tourism, auto servicing, and construction material production.

It is a common practice at the department to engage the best graduates into teaching at the university. Thus, among present faculty members are former students O. Kovaleva and S. Kovalchuk.

The department faculty provide the following courses:

The department's main directions of scholarly research are:


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