Department of accounting, analysis and audit in industry

Chair of the Department :

Dr., Associate Prof. Elena Shibeko

The Chair of the Department is Dr., Associate Prof. Elena Shibeko.

The department was established in 1953. 23 faculty and staff are employed at the department, of which 2 are professors (1 with a Dr. hab. degree – Prof. L. Yermolovich, 1 Dr., N. Ladutko) and 9 associate professors with a Ph.D. degree.

The department trains specialists majoring in Accounting, analysis and auditing (specialization Accounting, analysis and auditing in industry) and Auditing and Checking.

The department faculty teach 37 special disciplines at the School of a ccounting and e conomics and the Higher s chool of m anagement and b usiness. The teaching process is conducted in accordance with the syllabi approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and Educational standards on the respective majors.

The faculty develop teaching materials. Over the period of 2005-2007, they published the following text-books and manuals.

The department trains master's and doctoral students majoring in Accounting and statistics (major code is 08.00.12).

The research theme conducted by the department is “Improving methodology and methods of accounting, analysis and auditing aimed at identifying reserves for sustainable growth of industrial enterprises' economic performance in the context of Belarus ' integration into the world economy.” Annually, the department conducts research at the orders of customers.

The main scholarly directions of the department:


Address: 26 Partizanski prosp., bldg 2, room 202. Minsk 220070

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Fax:+375 17 209 88 26

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