Department of accounting, analysis and audit in agro-industrial complex and transport enterprises

Chair of the Department:

PhD in economics,
Anatoly Fedorkevich

The Chair of the Department is PhD in economics, professor. Anatoly Fedorkevich.

The department was established following the order of the Ministry of h igher and s econdary s pecialized e ducation of the BSSR, No. 266 of May 7, 1974 and the order of the Byelorussian State Institute of National Economy, No.100- ? of May 15, 1974.

It is a graduating department; it trains specialists majoring in Accounting, analysis and auditing (specializations 1-25 01 08 09, Accounting, analysis and auditing in agro-industrial complex, and 1-25 01 08 06, Accounting, analysis and auditing in transport enterprises.

The department's Chairs before 1989 were Drs. hab., Professors S. Ovsiannikov and I. Bely, Dr. Prof. A. Mikhalkevich; since 2005 the department's Chair has been Dr. hab., Prof. P. Papkovskaya.

The department employs 16 faculty and 2 staff members. Faculty with a Ph.D. degree account for 68.8 % of the total number.

The department trains undergraduate students in 28 special disciplines and graduate students of 2 disciplines, their major being Accounting and statistics.

The teaching process is carried out in accordance with the syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education of Belarus and the Educational standard of the major 1-25 01 08, Accounting, analysis and auditing.

At present the department provides training for 3 doctoral students, 2 degree seekers, and 9 master's students.

The department's faculty members have published the following text-books in the period of 2006-2007:

The academic year 2006-2007 saw the publications of 36 articles and 20 abstracts.

The department is involved in research financed by the budget and customers' funds. In 2007, they developed Methodological recommendations for accounting agricultural produce and production stocks for agricultural and other organizations.

The department's main directions of research are as follows:


Address: 26 Partizansky Av., building 3,
office 330

Tel.:+375 17 209 88 91- Chair P. Papkovskaya

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