Department of Jurisprudence

Chair of the department:

PhD, Prof. Georgy B. Shishko

The department of jurisprudence is one of the oldest in the university, it was established in 1953.

The Chair of the department is PhD, Prof. Georgy B. Shishko, Merited lawyer of the Republic of Belarus, who has over 20 years of record in teaching and scholarly research.

The department's faculty guided be Prof. Shishko, conduct a joint development and implementation of the complex target program “Scholarly provision of further development of labor legislation in the field of strengthening labor discipline and procedure of considering individual labor dispute” for the period of 2006-2010, its partner being the Institute of state and law under the Belarus' National Academy of Sciences. They publish findings of the research in scholarly articles, conference abstracts and monographs. The total number of publications amounts to 315. Prof. Shishko is the Chairman of the School's methodological council.

Prof. Shishko is a member of the work team at the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Belarus that elaborates the country's Labor Code. His proposals were taken into consideration in the RB Law “On the amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus ” passed on July 20, 2007 (No. 272-?).

He is active in training young scholars; he supervised 7 Ph.D. dissertations. All his doctoral students are now working at the university. Prof. Shishko is the Chairman of the methodological council of the RB Constitutional Court , deputy chairman of the Belarusian union of lawyers. His scholarly and pedagogical work was appreciated with the Order of Red Banner of Labor, Order of Honor, medal on Lenin's centenary and medal “Labor veteran”. Among his decorations is the honorable badge of a Distinguished employee of public education, a diploma of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus, Diplomas of Honor granted by the country's Parliament and BSEU, he is a Merited lawyer of the Republic of Belarus.

The department now has 13 faculty members including 1 professor, 8 associate professors and 4 assistant lecturers, who teach both at the School of Law and the university's other schools.

The department employs part-time lecturers from the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, Academy of the Ministry of the Interior, Constitutional Court and other institutions.

Alongside with teaching and educating activities, the faculty are involved in research on theoretical issues of civil and labor law in the economic activities and transitional economy.

The department has student scholarly societies and holds students conferences, Olympiads and debates on juridical issues, as well as meetings with associates from courts, prosecution offices and prominent scholars.

The department's main courses are as follows:

The department trains doctoral students majoring in labor and social law.

The department's main scholarly direction is research of issues related to labor law and social security, as well as theoretical issues of civil and labor law in economic activities of the current period.

The following publications have been printed as a result of the faculty's scholarly work:


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