Department of international economic law

Chair of the Department :

PhD, Associate Prof. Tatiana V. Teliatitskaia

The list of disciplines taught by the department of international economic law:
1 step

  1. Administrative law
  2. Administrative-tort and procedural law
  3. Business law
  4. Introduction to the specialty (optional)
  5. European law
  6. International Trade Law
  7. International law
  8. Public international law
  9. Private international law
  10. Responsibility in international law
  11. Legal regulation of foreign economic activity
  12. Legal regulation in the tourism industry
  13. Legal regulation of real estate activities
  14. Legal regulation of the real estate market
  15. Legal support of economic activity
  16. Legal support of foreign economic activity
  17. Legal regulation of economic activity
  18. Legal regulation of economic activity at the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex
  19. Legal regulation of advertising
  20. Roman Private Law
  21. Social and medical law
  22. Sports law
  23. Forensic medicine
  24. Customs Law
  25. Business law
  26. Legal service of the enterprise

2 step

  1. Actual problems of modern international law
  2. Foreign economic law
  3. Gender aspects of human rights
  4. State regulation in the field of tourism. International Law in Tourism
  5. European corporate and contract law
  6. Commercial law of foreign countries
  7. Corporate and business law
  8. .Competitive law
  9. Competition law of the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union
  10. International transport law
  11. International Economic Law
  12.  International Commercial Arbitration
  13.  Responsibility in the field of entrepreneurship
  14. The procedure for resolving international trade disputes
  15.  Offenses in the sphere of foreign economic activity
  16.  Legal regulation of the cryptocurrency market: regional and international aspects
  17.  Comparative Law
  18.  Commercial law
  19.  Business Law
  20.  The problems of administrative and tort procedural - executive legislation and the practice of its application
  21. Right of the Eurasian Economic Union
  22. Legal regulation of the digital economy
  23. Customs law of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union

Currently, the department of international economic law employs 18 teachers, among them 2 professors, doctors of science, 11 associate professors, candidates of sciences, 5 assistants.
In 2017, the Department of International Economic Law published a total of 64 published papers, including:
textbooks and manuals with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus - 3:

  1. Telyatitskaya, T.V. Administrative-tort and procedural-executive law: In 2 h. Part 1. Administrative-tort law / T.V. Telyatitskaya, L.M. Ryabtsev et al. - Minsk: Higher School, 2017. - 327 p.
  2. Telyatitskaya, T.V. Administrative and tort law and procedural law. In 2 hours. Part 2. Procedural law / T.V. Telyatitskaya, L.M. Ryabtsev et al. - Minsk: Higher School, 2017. - 239 p.
  3. Lomako A.Yu. Sports law: study guide / A. Yu. Lomako. - Minsk: Higher School, 2017. - 207 p.
  4. textbooks, teaching and learning materials and practical manuals without the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education, as well as teaching materials - 5:
  5. Telyatitskaya, T.V. Social Science: A Handbook for Preparing for Centralized Testing: Reference Edition (7th ed., Revised) / T.V. Telyatitskaya et al. - Minsk: Aversev, 2017. - 383 p.
  6. Telyatitskaya, T.V. Administrative-tort and procedural law: answers to exam questions / TV Telyatitskaya. - Minsk: Tetralit, 2017. - 96 p.
  7. Telyatitskaya, T.V. Administrative law: answers to exam questions: answers to exam questions. 2nd ed. / T.V. Telyatitskaya. - Minsk: Tetralit, 2017. - 96 p.
  8. Telyatitskaya, T.V. Administrative offenses against the procedure of customs regulation (administrative customs offenses) / Scientific and practical commentary to the Code of the Republic of Belarus on administrative offenses / T.V. Telyatitskaya. - Minsk: Adukatsy i ikhavanne, 2017. - p. 418-456.
  9. Tsyparkov, N.G. Accounting and audit: textbook / N.М. Doroshkevich, N.G. Tsyparkov, I.V. Sautkin; educational institution “Acad. M-VA int. Affairs Resp. Belarus". - Minsk: Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 2017. - 266 p. (N.G. Tsyparkov introduction, Ch. 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 25-27).

We also note 34 published articles by employees of the department of international economic law in foreign and domestic publications, 19 materials and abstracts at international and republican conferences.


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