Department of international economic law

Chair of the Department :

PhD, Associate Prof. Tatiana V. Teliatitskaia

The Chair of the Department is PhD, Associate Prof. Tatiana V. Teliatitskaia.

The department of i nternational economic law was established on January 1, 2004 in line with the University Council decision (rec. No. 4 of 25.12.2003) by the Rector's order No. 775, “On changes in the structure of the School of law”. It is a graduating department that trains students in major 1-24 01 02, Jurisprudence (specialization: 1–24 01 02 08, Legal provision of international economic activities).

At present, the department has 9 faculty members (7 hold a Ph.D. degree), with 3 associate professors, and 4 part-time associate professor with a Ph.D. degree.

The department provides teaching the following disciplines:

The scholarly publications of the department's faculty are as follows:


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