The Department of Economics of Commerce

Chair of the department:

PhD, Ass. Prof. Inessa M. Mikulich

The Chair of the department is PhD, Ass. Prof. Inessa M. Mikulich.

The department, as an independent scientific and educational unit was opened with the establishment of the Valerian V. Kuibyshev Byelorussian State Institute of National Economy in 1933.

The Department of Economics of c ommerce is constantly developing. Its faculty has doubled over the recent 10 years. Currently, it comprises 26 members including 2 doctors of economics, 2 professors and 13 PhDs in economics. Till the 1990s doctoral students got their training mainly at higher educational establishments in Russia . Nowadays practically all new faculty members come after completing the University's own Doctoral program. Since 1985 12 young and promising teachers and scientists defended their PhD theses under scientific supervision of Prof. Rosa Valevich, Associate Prof. G Davydova and Associate Prof. M. Sokolova. Eight of them are now working at the department. The average age of the department faculty is 43.

The department often invites practicing experts and lecturers from other scientific establishments to deliver lectures, supervise diploma theses, etc.; among them are top officials from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus, the General Consumer Market Administration of the Minsk City Executive Committee, scholars from the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus, the Scientific and research institute of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Belarus, the Research and development institute of “Belkoopsoyuz” and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It is a graduating department for students majoring in Commercial Activities in Catering Enterprise (1-25 01 10 18), Commercial Activities in the Market of Consumer Goods (1-25 01 10 02) (on the basis of secondary, specialized secondary education and higher education) of the specialty “Commercial Activities”. It provides methodological guidance of the above specialty within the educational and methodological association of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus .

Besides, the department is involved in providing the educational process for some other specialties, namely:

The department faculty are constantly developing the teaching process to make training specialists more efficient. They have worked out the specialty educational standard, standard and educational plans; updated the courses already taught and worked out new ones based on the results of the department's scholarly and research work to reflect market economy development trends, tendencies of changing economic methods and the world economy development. Besides, they have created a computer model of a modern trading enterprise and a database of primary and statistical information about the branch and particular trading enterprises activities. The department faculty train highly qualified specialists capable of solving complicated state tasks and problems of trade and restaurant business development upon graduating from the university.

The department provides training in the following disciplines:

In teaching they widely use new educational technologies which unite educational and scientific processes, testing, business games, solving real economic situation, PCs, students' academic progress rating evaluation system, hand-outs, library-research works, essays on most important topics, students' conferences at the end of studying particular disciplines, defending course theses using ITs.

The department provides classes for m aster's and doctoral students. At present associate professor N. Skriba is taking a post-doctoral course. The doctoral course is provided for 8 postgraduate students and degree seekers. At the department's doctoral program they train scholars for other higher educational establishments of Belarus , other departments of the BSEU, various institutions and establishments.

Since the 1990s the department faculty have been working on the following scientific topic: “The development of economic methods for the trade sphere and developing new ways to achieve greater efficiency of trading enterprises”. In 2005 we completed the research on the following subtopics: “The efficiency rating and higher productivity of trading enterprises in the present-day economic conditions”, “The development of a mechanism to manage the trading enterprise profitability”, “The ways of increasing the trading enterprise efficiency”, “Developing the strategy of retail turnover as a factor and condition for stabilizing and developing the Belarusian economy”. Besides, we have carried out applied research works ordered by a number of trading enterprises.

Since 2006 the department staff have been carrying out research on three new scientific topics that are burning for the trade industry and economy of the Republic of Belarus : “Developing concepts for updating trade technologies to provide higher innovative economic growth of the consumer market” (2006-2010). The scientific topic “Consumer market sustainable development” (scientific supervisor Prof. Rosa P. Valevich) has been included into the state program “Economics and Society” (task No. 15), the research coordinator being the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2006 we completed the first part of the research, “Investigation of the Essence of Globalization Processes and the World Economy Internationalization”; since 2007 the department faculty have been carrying out research on the second part topic, “Investigation of the Innovation Potential of the Good Circulation Sphere, Problems of its Formation and Development”. Besides, we are carrying out researches on the topics ordered by certain enterprises.

The research on “The impact on the consumer market of the Republic of Belarus of the Union State Single Market in the process of formation: current state, problems and perspectives” was ordered by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus . The research will be effected in 2006-2008. a ctive participants in the department research are under- and postgraduate students.

The results of the department research work were presented at numerous international scientific and practical conferences, published in conference collections of scientific works, collections of scientific papers and journals. These results made a basis for a number of educational and instructional publications. The most important of them are:

  1. “Implementation trends, efficiency assessment methodology, and development prospects of the resource potential of commerce in the Republic of Belarus ” (2004);
  2. “Commercial activities” (2005), “ Enterprise finance” (2005),
  3. “Commerce organization and technology” (2005),
  4. “Balanced commodity flows in the system of export import relations”, (2005),
  5. “Bidding” (2006), “Exchanges” (2006), “Investment policy” (2007)

Much attention is paid to students' scientific and research work. The department has got 2 students' scientific teams, the research group “Potential” conducting a research on the topic “ e valuation of the Trade economic potential of the Republic of Belarus”, the research group “Innovation” conducting a research on the topic “Trade services quality and innovative economy: interconnection and interrelation”. The department maintains active contacts with economic higher educational establishments in Russia , Ukraine , the Baltic states as well as with the Ministry of Trade, the trade departments of regional executive committees, the Consumer market general administration of the city of Minsk and trade institutions and establishments.


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