Shandora Sergei Vikentjevich

The library is one of the oldest structural divisions of the Belarus State Economic University (BSEU); it was founded together with the establishment of the Institute of National Economy in 1933.

The unique and rich resources of the library are used by over 32000 readers - students, teachers and employees, numerous researchers, representatives of state authorities, enterprises and organizations of different kinds, as well as students from other educational establishments. About 3000 readers visit the library departments daily.

The head of the library - Sergey Shandora - is the author of many publications on the issue of automation in bibliothecal-bibliographical processes in university libraries.

Today the library is a leader in the common scientific and educational environment of the university, that provides informational support in studies and scientific activities of BSEU, contributing to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of the students.

A richest collection of the library comprises nowadays over 1.5 million documents that include monographs, textbooks, tutorials, references, theses and synopses, periodicals and other publications both in physical and electronic versions.

Since 1991 the library has been introducing new computer and informational technologies; it has allowed reaching a new level of efficiency in the library support of the academic process. There have been fully automated recording and processing of new entries, a bibliographical database is being generated, readers can enjoy using the electronic catalogue of books and articles.

Since 2002 the library has been using a new automated librarian informational system “MARK-SQL”. In 2005 the library's multileveled web site was launched; it provides on-line access to catalogues, new entries and free educational information resources from the Internet.

The library has long cooperated with Belarusian and foreign libraries, informational organizations, it participates in elaborating and implementing projects on librarianship. It is actively involved in cooperation and coordination of librarian-bibliographical activities. The library is a coordinating participant of the MARS international corporate project that provides for analytical cataloguing articles from over 900 magazines in the Republic of Belarus.

The Library's primary mission is to provide efficient and high quality informational support for the development of scientific and educational processes in the university.

To reach this aim the library offers free access to the world information resources, provides users with all facilities for comfortable work with electronic resources, helps students to orientate themselves in the information space and shapes its readers' information culture.

The library is nowadays successfully implementing projects on creating its own information resources:

The main priorities in the library's work:


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