The changes that take place in the social and economic spheres inevitably put forward new requirement to the system of higher education as well as the quality of the information resources provided for the educational process. The establishment of the publishing center in February 1999 was one of the ways to raise a level of publications of teaching materials and the formation of the library stock.

The publishing center consists of editorial, printing, copying and marketing departments. There are good facilities at its disposal.

In spite of its "young age" (four years since its foundation), the publishing center has published 1,135 works with the total amount of more than 5,200 author's sheets edited so far, including text-books and teaching manuals with the Ministry of Education official recommendation (82); monographs (48); collections of scientific works and abstracts for conferences, congresses and symposia (78); educational methodological teaching manuals (including curricula) (762).

The acknowledged leaders among the national text-books on economics published by BSEU are as follows: "Economics" (edited by N.I. Bazylev, S.P. Gurko); "Bookkeeping in agricultural sector" (edited by A.P. Mikhalkevich); "Economic activities of enterprises and agricultural sector" (edited by P.V. Leshchilovsky, A.F. Dogil, V.S.Tonkovich); "Economic activities of commercial banks" (edited by G.I.Kravtsova); "Fundermentals of ecology and nature use" (O.S.Shimova, N.K.Sokolovsky); "Price Formation" (l.l.Poleshchuk, V.V.Tereshina); "Taxation theory" (N.E.Zayats).

The teaching manuals approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus were highly appreciated not only by the faculty and students of our university but of other universities, too. They are: "Economic-mathematical methods and models" (edited by A.V. Kusnetsov); "Bank monitoring and audit" (edited by G.I.Kravtsova); "Socio-economic statistics" (edited by S.R.Nesterovich); "Business planning in commerce" (N.N. Skriba, I.M. Mikulich, R.P. Valevich); "Advertising in tourism" (A.P. Durovich); "Philosophy" (edited by V.K. Lukashevich); "Insurance" (edited by M.A. Zaitseva, L.M. Litvinova); "Fundamentals of the diplomatic and consular service" (K.M. Zakharova, A.A. Konovalova); "Aesthetics of goods" (N.M. Ilyin); "Food-stuff commodity expertise"( edited by. O.A. Brilevsky); "Fundamentals of law"( edited by V.A. Vitushko, V.G. Tikhinya, G.B. Shishko); "Fundamentals of energy saving" (M.V.Samoilov, V.V.Panevchik, A.N.Kovalev); "Regional economics" ( edited by V.I. Borisevich); "Organization of commerce" (V.N. Platonov).

The BSEU publishing center was the first in the country to start editing distance learning course books on particular subjects containing tests, tasks, lists of the recommended materials for part-time students.

University cooperation within the framework of the economic programs together with foreign universities and organizations is embodied in the joint editions of the course books on economic and law issues, and conference materials.

The publishing center publishes-the findings of research done at the university. They are published in the collections of the materials of the student national scientific conferences annually held at the university. The research work of the university faculty is published in the monographs, and collections of the scientific works.

The staff of the publishing center are professionals who have years of experience in publishing books.


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