The Francophone Department

The Francophone department of the School of international economic relations at BSEU was established in March 1994 upon signing the cooperation agreement between the Institute for Business Administration (IAE) (the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne) and Belarus state economic university. In 1998 Belarus state economic university on one side and the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne jointly with the IAE, on the other side signed an additional agreement to allow issuing the latter's third cycle diplomas in i nternational business.

Admission rules

The Francophone department at the School of international economic relations (SIER) of BSEU is open for any student from SIER or other schools, BSEU faculty as well as university degree holders or students from other economic universities whose proficiency in French is sufficient to assimilate the entire curriculum of the department and pass examination in compliance with general requirements. The studies begin on September 1.


The Francophone department provides an opportunity of getting a French diploma and a master's degree (DESUP – higher economic education diploma in specialty International business, specialization Management and business strategy).

Partnership network

The s chool has Cooperation a greements with the following educational institutions in France : the Institute for Business Administration of the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne; the University of Montpelieu-1 ; Jean Moulin University Leon 3.

Educational process

The students of the Francophone department have an opportunity of getting education equivalent to that in economic universities and economic faculties of French institutions of higher education.

The agreement stipulates educating students in Minsk according to French curricula, study courses for students and faculty members in the Institute for Business Administration in Paris , lectures at SIER delivered by the IAE professors, providing textbooks for the faculty and students of the Francophone department.

According to the agreement, upon passing examination on definite academic disciplines and economic courses students of the Francophone department are awarded due certificates. professors from the IAE in Paris evaluate written examinations. The educational process in the Francophone department provides step-by-step schooling for the DESUP diploma.

Students of the Francophone department study French, English, general and economic disciplines according to the training program for specialists in foreign economic activity management. The languages of instruction are Russian, Belarusian and French; classes are delivered by BSEU faculty and French experts who work in Minsk . They are invited to deliver lectures and hold seminars.

5-year students of the department are officially enrolled to the 3 rd cycle of DESUP and get their student cards of the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. Upon graduation the students are awarded both a Belarusian state diploma and a French diploma.


To deliver lectures and examine students they regularly send professors who teach in the Institute for Business Administration under the University Paris -1 (some of them combine teaching with practical work in the respective field).

BSEU faculty who studied at the Sorbonne or took their study course in the Institute for Business Administration and BSEU students who studied for a year in the 3 rd cycle program of the Institute for Business Administration and have DESS diplomas prepare students for the examinations during the academic year.

Lectures are also delivered graduates from economic departments of French institutions of higher education who teach at the European Humanitarian University and professors from the Montpelieu-1 University, BSEU's partner university in Tempus Tacis program.

Study courses

Some students can continue their studies at the IAE with scholarship provided. Upon completing their study course at the IAE they undertake to deliver lectures at the department on one of the curriculum subjects during a period of five years, with consideration of mutual interests of the department and the trainee.


Mikhail Mishkevich, dean of the School of international economic relations manages the Francophone department at BSEU. The coordinator of the educational process is associated prof. Anatoly Yanukevich. The administration of the program's part in the Institute for Business Administration is the responsibility of its director Jean-Pierre H. Elfer.

The cooperation of the two parties is coordinated by a ssociate prof. Pierre Cabagnols who is the heads for the specialization Management and business strategy of the DESUP diploma. Training within the DESUP diploma program is supervised by Michel Rebuffat, the international relations director. General supervision of the cooperation between the two universities is entrusted to the chancellor of the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne Michel Kaplan, on the French part, and to BSEU Rector, on the Belarusian part.

Instructional and methodological support

The library and the department of foreign languages ¹1 at BSEU received from France about 120 titles of printed materials in various spheres of economic knowledge, textbooks on teaching b usiness French and reference books. French professors leave their lecture and didactic materials on various sections of the course at the disposal of their BSEU colleagues which allows more efficient teaching. The collection of textbooks and documents, CDs available in the BSEU library and at the department of foreign languages is being constantly expanded and enriched.

The curriculum

The languages of instruction for academic disciplines at the department are Russian (Belarusian) and French. Apart from the basic subjects the students study optional disciplines. The completion of studies at the department is a final examination where practical proficiency in the disciplines studied is checked.

Admission in academic year 2007/2008

1 st and 2 nd year students proficient in French are welcomed.

Studies at the department provide an opportunity of getting the French diploma of higher economic education of the University Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne with major in International relations: management and strategy.

The Sorbonne professors, BSEU faculty and graduates who studied or took a training course in Paris deliver classes at the department.

Education is free of charge.

Enrollment is based upon the interview in French that will take place on September 7 (Thursday) – at 13.10 and September 8 (Friday) – at 11.30 at the Department of Romanic languages, room 421 (Bldg 2).


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